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The Best Investment You Will Ever Make!

Therapy Now if you have been following my posts, you would think that saving for retirement or whatever your financial goals are would be the best investment you will ever make.  Indeed for some that might be true, but (there seems to always be a “but” isn’t there) I’m here to tell you that in Read more about The Best Investment You Will Ever Make![…]

Why Independence Engineered

According to Merriam Webster dictionary an engineer can be A person who is trained in or follows as a profession a branch of engineering. Another definition, according to, would be: A person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines, or in any various branches of engineering. While yes Read more about Why Independence Engineered[…]

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You Want to be Rich? You Have to Start Right Now!

So it was Christmas of 2017 at my parent’s house and per tradition, we had a huge family reunion to celebrate the holiday season together.   Now our family get togethers are not your typical ones.  It’s not just a small gathering of my immediate family.  No in our family, we basically invite our entire extended Read more about You Want to be Rich? You Have to Start Right Now![…]