Hello World

Above is a Matlab script for a typical “Hello World!” program that typical students learn when they first get into programing.  It is a script very similar to one that I myself learned many years ago as an engineering student.

The point of the whole program was to not only introduce students to the world of programming, but hopefully give them a window into the possibilities that are available to them with just something as simple outputting the words “Hello World!” onto the computer screen.

In a way this post is very much the same.  It is my “Hello World!” program to this universe of all things blogging.  To  open the door of opportunity that this world has to offer.  Not only that but I hope this blog can also serve as a window into my life and my daily going ons.  I hope that over time this blog can serve as a way to add my voice out into the many conversations that are happening on the inter-webs.

While I plan on doing a more in-depth “about me” autobiography/write up, here are some things for starters.  At the time of this writing I am a newly minted 30 year old living in wonderful San Diego, California.  I’m just your regular old single aerospace engineer working your normal 9-5 M-F job.  Sounds pretty standard doesn’t it?  And in a way it is.

I enjoy my job, the work is challenging and I get to use my degree!  I mean that was the whole purpose for me going through all that schooling right?  With that said, I do have my eye on the future.

Many of the people that know me, especially my close friends, know that I am a long term strategic thinker.  My mind is always thinking not only about my career, but also about “retirement”, a house, kids, raising kids, providing for a family, and etc. etc. etc.

As such you probably can expect blog posts about finances, my thinking on “retirement” or even financial independence, and my journey to provide a better future for my future family and myself.  I don’t expect to be perfect in making this journey because who is?  After all we are all human.

But I hope that this blog can serve as a tool where people can learn from my mistakes as well.  I also wanted to start this blog to serve not only as a platform to help my friends, but also for others to learn about the power of saving for retirement, financial freedom, and independence.  This is compared to lifestyle of splurging and not thinking about tomorrow.

Of course life is all about balances, and I hope that I can serve as an example where one can both live in the present and still enjoy the things in life, while also do it in a prudent manner where you are not neglecting tomorrow’s needs.

With all that said though, I also want this space to also be a bit light hearted as well.  I’m a very big fan of Star Wars and Legos so expect even some posts about Star Wars Lego set reviews and even investing in Legos or whatever suits my fancy.

So with that WELCOME!  Welcome to Independence Engineered!  I hope that you come back and visit often.  I do hope to interact with you all and grow with you as we all journey on this thing called life!

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